The Wealthiest Place on Earth

If the question were to be asked, where is the wealthiest place on earth? I guess many would not be able to answer that question. Many would be tempted to mention the oil wells in Kuwait. Some would quickly mention the goldmines of South Africa. Or maybe the wealthiest place on Earth could be found in America. But think of this: somebody discovered the first oil well, somebody discovered the gold mine and somebody must have discovered America. The America you see and hear of today was built by people. Then where could we say is the wealthiest place on earth? Let me ask you some questions. If you can be sincere in answering these questions only then can we draw a conclusion on where the wealthiest place on earth is.

What could have happened if Thomas Edison died with his idea of perfecting an incandescent lamp that could be carried by electricity? What if the Wright brothers died without carrying out their plan to build an engine (the airplane) that would overcome the force of gravity and fly? What if Paul the apostle died with all his epistles unwritten? What if Michael Faraday died with his discovery of benzene and electricity? What if Abraham Lincoln died without the great work he did to stop slave trade in America and also to bring peace and democracy to America and the entire world?

Surely, history would have been altered. If you go to the GRAVEYARD many are there that died with great and unborn dreams in their minds. They died and it died with them. Truly, without doubt the wealthiest place on earth is the GRAVEYARD. Oh yes the cemetery is the wealthiest place on earth. Men like Martin Luther King, Junior discovered this and refused to contribute to the wealth of the grave yard. They discovered why they were born and went on in their life time to plant in their generation something that would outlive them. That’s one thing I believe in life. Do something for your generation before you go. Don’t just be part of a crowd that moves aimlessly.

Do you have an idea of something you should have started but feel defeated to make the move. Please don’t die with the idea. Execute it! One could waste money but surely, not a good idea. The most tragic thing one could do is to waste a good idea.

Many of the mighty buildings, churches, factories, cities, industries, products and wealth you see were the result of what was in the minds of people. All the riches you see first started with an idea in the minds of people. They were formerly dreams in people’s heart, which they believed in and acted upon.

It does not matter how difficult what you want to do is. The most important thing is that it is a positive idea. When I say a positive idea I mean an idea that would improve your live and the lives of your fellow human beings. An idea that would bring you fulfillment in live and as well add to the happiness off the common man. If what you want to do is good just go ahead and do it without fear. For God has not given us the spirit of fear but rather that of boldness, of power, of love and of sound mind.

Therefore take a decision today. Decide to execute that good idea no matter how much energy and time required. Contribute to the building of your generation. Do not contribute to the wealth of the graveyard.

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