The Limitless Powers Of Passion

The limit of passion has not yet been known. The awesome power of passion has not yet been fully explored. Men of passion through the power of their mind have done great exploits and have determined their destinies, of nations and of people of their times.

John Buyan was put in prison, was made an outcast. Buyan’s prison experiences awakened the sleeping genius within him. Right there in the prison he wrote the book, PILGRIM’S PROGRESS which is among the greatest stories ever told in the world today.

The famous literary genius William Shakespeare dropped out of school as a result of financial constraints but his passions overtook him and he started writing. Famous writers condemned his works and he could not be accepted being a half-educated man. But he kept writing. Years later he overtook his critics and became the leading figure in drama and the literary world.

Florence Nightingale, the lady with a lamp was from a very rich and influential family. One day she became dissatisfied and felt very sorry for the poor people in the society. There came a great desire for her to help others. In the heat of the Crimean war she left her rich parents and opted to work as a nurse in a hospital where casualties were kept. ‘What a foolish thing to do,’ her parents thought. Her parents described her as a demon. “We are two ducks and have given birth to a wild swan,” they said. But ‘Florence Nightingale was not a wild swan but an eagle,’ said her biographer. During the Crimean war she was there with the casualties, treating them, consoling them. In the process she saved a lot of lives. She walked round the wards, always with her lamp (the lady with the lamp) and made people see reason to live again. After the Crimean war she came back home and rewrote the history of nursing and determined how hospitals should be managed. She placed her name in the history of the great.

Helen Keller was deaf and blind but her condition did not dominate or frustrate her. Instead she discovered the power of her mind and made a great asset of her disability. She dominated her circumstances and amounted to something. She taught disabled people to be useful to themselves and to society.

Lincoln experienced great set backs on his way up. Failed at almost everything but kept fighting. The worst of it his sweet heart died and would have left him an invalid has he not discovered the power of his own mind. He escaped failure and became the greatest president of the United States of America.


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