Is It Evangelism Or Marketing?

I have over the years observed with dismay what so many churches claiming to be either new generation churches or refined churches go about what they term to be evangelism or soul winning.

The bitter truth is that so many churches have capitalized on the instructions given by Christ which is “go ye and preach the gospel to all nations” to recruit new members to their denomination. But this is unfortunate. While I have nothing against increasing church membership, however, when the motive is converting already converted Christians from a particular denomination to another then there is absolutely something wrong with it.

 Much of the so called evangelism is centered on bringing people to a particular denomination and not converting them to Christianity. While so many of these religious leaders pretend to be doing the work of God at the root of their hard work and passion for what they do is to draw more members to their particular denomination. They are very much interested in increasing their membership. The reason for this is not far fetched: the greater the number the more income for the church. Some of these churches are simply marketing other people to join their denomination. They are not interested in going after the lost sheep as they claim. They are scouting for more members that will pay tithe, give offerings, sow seed as well as add to their numbers. If you can look deep into the hearts of some of these people you will be horrified. Converting people to Christ is the least of their interest. Their motive is to convert you to their church or denomination. But Christianity was not so from the beginning. People have deviated from what is right to doing what is popular.

Some of them will tell you that their church does it better. They will tell you that their leader or general oversea has proven results hence you should leave your denomination and come and join theirs. Some of their slogan goes like this: “if your church cannot change you, change your church”.

While I strongly believe any body has a right to change church or denomination if he is no longer comfortable with the way things are being done in his place of worship. But should that be a basis for evangelism?

Our religious leaders should search their hearts and be sincere with what they are doing. Let them preach the gospel converting people to Christ and not converting people to themselves or their denominations. There is something wrong with this approach.

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