It is not enough to get dissatisfied, rather you can draw inspiration from your dissatisfaction. Allowing what discourages you to inspire you towards attaining greater heights in life. It is called INSPIRATIONAL DISSATISFACTION. Some stories in this edition of our weekly online magazine will illustrate this.

JEFFREY ACHER was the youngest serving member of the British House of Commons. Tough times struck him and he resigned from the British House of commons in shame and in debt. His opponents thought that it was all over. This problem led to the discovery of a talent which had been latent in him, the power of the written word. His first novel wiped out all his debt and the subsequent ones made a millionaire out of him, and he later bounced back into his party this time as vice chairman.

You can change your circumstances. You can move from where you are to a higher ground. It all depends on you. You can get out of troubles unscathed and people will wonder how you did it. What is the dream that has been burning in your heart? Perhaps you have tried everything to realize it but it has all eluded you. Listen! There is a power that when contacted you become immune to failure. People will say: “but how did you get through this? Man, you’re lucky!” There is no such thing as luck.

WINSTON CHURCHILL, one of the greatest statesmen that ever lived in Britain had an unhappy boyhood. He stuttered when he talked and his academic records weren’t encouraging. He was always last in the class. As a result of all these his parents wrote him off. They thought that WINSTON will be a failure all his life. But that was man’s judgment.

Before WINSTON entered the royal military college at Sandhurst, he had failed the examination twice. But he did enter at last. He became inspired by that which dissatisfied him. He contacted an invisible power which has carved out so many great men in history. He began to excel in the military. He was only 20 years of age when he was made a lieutenant. This same boy that was a stutterer (stammered) rose to become a spokesman in Britain. Not only that Winston was a historian, war reporter, author, politician and was prime minister of Britain twice. Few men, if any were able to equal his achievements in Britain. His faith in victory inspired the British people during the Second World War. At his 80th birthday all political parties and people from all over the world gathered to honour him. Winston Churchill made history. Yet he did very badly as a school boy.

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