Coronavirus Disease – Let’s Stop It Before It Stops Us

A few months ago the world was confronted with a deadly disease, coronavirus, nick named, COVID-19. From the city of Wuhan in China, this deadly virus started to spread and infect so many people. Presently, thousands of people have become infected and several others have died of this deadly disease which spreads like wild fire. Ironically, this disease has been exported to so many countries of the world. If any country is free today of the virus they should not be in a hurry to rejoice or feel safe. This is because sooner or later it is coming to that country and there is no doubt about that.

The bitter truth everybody is confronted with is that this deadly virus will spread to every country of the world. If those countries like let them bar the whole world from coming to their country in a bid to avoid coronavirus. Nevertheless, it will find its way into that country. Somehow, someway, it will get there. In as much as this reality is horrific and frightening, yet it is the bitter truth. CORONAVIRUS or COVID-19 IS COMING TO EVERY NATION SOONER OR LATER EXCEPT…………

Except what? Except we act now to stop it! Let us rise and confront this deadly malady. This disease has become a threat to the world. Sooner or later this disease may bring the economies of powerful western nations to a complete collapse. Look at China, the world’s second largest economy. This disease has killed thousands of its citizens and is already biting hard on their well established economy. An economy China toiled for years to build. Look at The United states of America, the number one in the world. Yet this deadly disease have already hit them a bad blow. And they think banning other countries like Europe and United Kingdom will save them from the onslaught of coronavirus. That action will never solve this problem, though admittedly it might reduce the spread. Most African nations are battling with poverty, and the ones that are already doing well or have recently left recession may soon find themselves in a complete mess. Africa will not escape this, Nigeria may not escape it, except of course the whole world joins forces together and uproot this deadly disease.

Let us rise and uproot coronavirus before it uproots the planet called earth. We have been battling climate change, terrorism, corruption, diseases like HIV and so many vices throughout the world. Yet the world is witnessing presently a new dimension of disaster. But we can stop it if we act now.

Where are the scientists of this world? They should be propelled into action. Let them go into serious and urgent research. A vaccine must be developed urgently to combat this disease irrespective of excuses that scientists are giving about time, resources, etc. Let us act fast and save the millions of lives that will soon go down if a cure is not found soonest for this disease. Let us act fast and save the economy of the world from total collapse.

Where are the religious leaders of this world? It is time to gather your followers and ignite them to pray serious and effective prayers. Prayers for a solution to be found soonest that will end the threat of coronavirus. Prayer for this disease to be wiped out same way the Ebola disease was chased out of so many countries including Nigeria. Let us also pray for a miracle from God concerning this matter. I challenge every praying person to start serious intercessions about this disease. This is because there is nothing beyond the power of God. He can put the solution in the hands of someone sooner or later if we will work hard for it and also pray about it. Note that malaria was once a deadly disease but somebody brought a lasting solution to it. And who says the solution to the coronavirus cannot come from Africa. It can come from anywhere. Let the world unite and fight this malady to the ground. I challenge everybody to stand up to it.  

Those making jokes about the coronavirus and spreading false alarm in the social media should stop. This is not a joking matter. It is a very serious matter. Let scientists all over the world begin to brainstorm. They should go into the laboratories and make research. This cure is needed urgently. Millions of lives will be saved if we act now.

Let the people that know how to pray begin to pray. Let people hold consistent vigils and consistent prayers in our churches and mosques asking God to send solution and to send it on time. It’s time to bring our talent and our best together and save our world.

If you think that you will do nothing now because you are not presently affected, then think again. Coronavirus will destroy powerful institutions, homes, careers, churches, mosques, clubs, businesses, individuals, cities, countries, the list is endless. The only solution is not shutting down everything but finding a permanent solution and this is urgent. Let this write-up serve as a wake-up call to people all over the world about finding a permanent solution to the pandemic called coronavirus. Christians, Moslems, Pagans, Scientists, Researchers, Thinkers, Religious leaders, Monks, Prayer warriors, Prophets, preachers, Kings, Chiefs, Leaders, political leaders, followers and everybody.

Let us join hands together and save our world. Let’s stop Coronavirus before it stops us.

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