People who are only dissatisfied about their present situation never get any where in life. But people who are inspired by their dissatisfaction have changed the world. Think of the likes of Martin Luther King, Junior. He was dissatisfied with racial discrimination, but he did not allow that to get at him. Inspired, he fought to see to the extermination of racial segregation in America. Martin Luther King, Junior shook the world. He changed the course of world history.

Helen Keller decided that blindness and deafness was not going to confine her to a beggarly life. She drew inspiration out of her dissatisfaction. It is not a crime for you to get dissatisfied over any situation that bothers you. The question is: will you remain dissatisfied? Why not draw inspiration out of your dissatisfaction? By doing this you are trying to see the positive side of your problem instead of dwelling too long on its negative impact.

History is replete with men and women who found success in various fields of endeavor by making something good out of their negative circumstances. Alexander Graham Bell wanted to find a solution t his wife’s deafness. He failed in his original pursuit, but this gave him an idea to invent the telephone.

You don’t have a job? So what! It might be an opportunity to learn some kind of new skill, hand work or even become your own boss. Think about the many opportunities presented by your dissatisfaction. Chances are that inside that which discourages you might be hidden the seed of your great future. Just think about it.

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